Finger Lick came to life end of summer 2013.


After a hot summer day at the Brussels Canal, bassist Benny Lust saw singer/guitarist Dave Dash gasping for breath after his solo gig. They drank together, and after a while decided to see each other and play some big riffs with two of Ben's friends.


The original line-up remained until 2018 (with a 5-track demo and 1st Youtube video production “Control Freak” and 1st self-produced EP “Bad Luck”), when longtime friend and world-acclaimed metalcore drummer Jonas Sanders (Pro-Pain, Angel Crew, Resistance, etc) volunteered to do the drums on a new record.


The band rehearsed for six months in 2019 and refined its style.

It started as a sort of post-grunge old school stoner rock and eventually evolved into a blasting mix of razor-sharp drums, bouncing bass grooves and sexy, dark, lo-tuned guitar riffs. The audience is immersed into a new universe of harmonically complex tunes, beaten by basic yet powerful forces at the crossroads of heaven, hell, humour, emotion, love, pleasure and pain.


Very few bands have achieved the level of energy that Finger Lick delivers.

Now ready to show it!

Latest gigs include: Brasserie de la Mule (Brussels), Le Cirque Electrique (Paris), Brasserie la Source (Brussels), L'Orient Express (Caen), Le Charleston (Amiens), Mons Tattoo Convention, The Brussels International Tattoo Convention, Fiestas du Rock Flémalle, Atelier 210, Bruxelles-les-Bains, L'Os à moëlle, B52, Titan's Club, Petit Chapeau Rond Rouge, La Machine, Coliseum, Rock Classic, MJ Chênée, MJ le gué, MJ Boitsfort, Le Murmure, Kafka café Brussels,...



Dave Dash

Vocals & Guitar

Benny Lust



Jonas Sanders