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Dave Dash

Vocals & Guitar

Dave arrived in Brussels at the age of two years and ten months. Having left Madrid with his sister and his parents (a Mexican mother and an Anglo-Italian father), his first memory of the Belgian capital was a rubbish dump located in the corridor of the great Woluwean housing estate where he lived during the nine years of his life that followed. This basic device, a sort of sliding metal drawer embedded in a wall, was used by residents to get rid of their waste more easily. It fell into a large container in the basement, in a resounding crash. He was fascinated. We took a bag or bottles, we threw them in the hole, it made noise, it disappeared as if by magic ... as a predictable sequence of patterns that could be fun to repeat. That evil machine contaminated him with an obsession for mechanical rhythm. He could go out of the apartment without any particular reason, throw a bottle or bag and hear it fall just to hear the sound it produced. The result was always a surprise. No sound was ever the same. And although that device is nowadays considered as an insanitary relic of a society always looking for the easy way without thinking about the outcome, it had an undeniable impact on little Dave and his way of conceiving music.
He put his first fingers on a guitar at age 10. Two years later, he discovered how pleasant it was to beat on the drum kit of his best friend, who resigned himself to resell it the year after. He wanted to play everything but had no desire to learn how to read music. On the other hand, what he did pleased him enough to find time to improve. He spent whole days playing.
He started his first band at the age of 13. Got his first paid gig at 16.
And throughout the next 20 years and bands that followed, he went from drums to bass, then to guitar and finally (rather late) to singing ... to lead him to his projects today: an ass- kicking rock band, and his solo show (see an organic and subtle mix of acoustic samples, rhythms, vocals, harmonies and emotion.

Dave Dash: Band Members
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